In the summer of 2009 there was a palpitation, miniscule and effervescent, a slight ticklish little tingle amongst the endlessly oscillating nodes of energy in the universe.  A burp in the cosmos, its ripples little and, for the time being, concentrated in a furious and gyrational energy, spinning and whirling and churning upon itself and beyond: a singularity was formed.

Out from the tinny antenna perched upon Slater Residence Hall of the University of Iowa, like the cackling whistle of a condor as it edges to the precipice of a mountain, the crackling static of the premier broadcast of the Jesse Marks Variety Hour sputtered into the universe.

This initial plop!, very likely unnoticed by many, has formed the basis of a broadcast which has since grown (modestly of course) in its scope and endeavors; a college radio program which has consumed the life of its creator and his pals, a space where one might indulge in more fanciful and manic inclinations, all the while maintaining (when possible) an atmosphere of positivity and groovy good times; an hour filled with capriciousness, glorious eclecticism, phat trax, sanguine metamorphosis, despotic gloom (occasionally), and random silly noises (always).

Here then is a depository of some of that that energy and endeavor: a collection of successes and near misses as well as text-based and web-exclusive material!  YES

Laudibus ad Varietate Hora!

Laudibus ad Varietate Hora!

(You should really listen on Sundays at 5pm cst)

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