Get used to this face: future musical sensation Edwin the Penguin!

Get used to this face: future musical sensation Edwin the Penguin!

Edwin the Singing Penguin is a rising star in the anthropomorphic-operetta circuit (not to mention the underground anthropomorphic-operetta scene); a penguin of singular talent, drive, and deep emotion and expression.  His vocal range sprawls up and down semitones in nearly as large an area as his journey from relative obscurity as lead vocalist of the house-band at the Shackelton Hut Pub at Cape Royds on Ross Island, to his various stints in the Falklands Out-Door Amphitheater in Stanley (where his rendition of Alfredo in La Traviata was hailed as a “grand tour-de-force of a debut” by The Penguin News), his various artistic/operatic endeavors and minor triumphs at the Teatro Colon, Teatro National, his groundbreaking work with avant-guarde librettist and cultural theorist Herbert Montreaux, to his arrival at the precipice of international stardom- poised and at the ready.  We are blessed to be amongst such virtuosity and are ears more so!

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