Dr. Montreaux

Dr. Herbert Montreaux is a man of many passions and inclinations; he is a master of them all.  He is of course best known for his work, “Rhetoric of Schlock”, a comprehensive theoretical investigation of contemporary Western advertisements and proletarian culture, a seminal work among his colleagues.  But he doesn’t limit himself to the library or the armchair: he is an accomplished diarist, penning highly acclaimed accounts of his involvement in various avant-garde communities, their eccentrics and dynamos, their propensity for self-destruction and anarchic fancies; he has worked on numerous occasions with the well-regarded baritone Edwin the Singing Penguin to craft compelling “Melodramas of the Everyday”; he has undertaken various stints on stage, in various capacities, to various degrees of success.  He is a dynamic mind and possess an insatiable desire to know: an invaluable member of the Variety Hour team! Serner

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