Denny: Beautiful and Chrystaline Visions



Whaddup, hombres!

So, J-Dawgg asked me to submit a piece for the show-online.  I am in the creative writing track at the University, so it seemed pretty natural and obvious to write something.  But really, one of my biggest passions is my audio work (not just on KRUI).  I do a lot of experimental soundscapes and some improvised prose poems.  The latter is what I’m going to share today.

The World is Beautiful, You Know_

My improv prose is usually pretty esoteric and very free form.  I like to do kind of a stream-of-consciousness type deal.  I think of my style as kind of like “Ginsberg meets Joyce meets Burroughs”, or something like that.  It’s the vividness and “found art” aspect that I like about this kind of stuff the best (full disclosure: I was kinda drunk when I made this).  Maybe you will too (or whatevski)

But anyhoo, BOOM goes the dynamite.

By Denny

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