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Spaceships Have Janitors, Too

Planet Dave

Planet Dave

I always thought outer space would be more glamourous than this.

I joined the Spacemen’s Academy as soon as I was out of school, thinking that I might get a chance to explore the outer systems, maybe be an Alien fighter, or even scrounge for Palladium – but no. According to the Space Federation, my eyesight is 20-80, I’m not “physically capable of operating space weapons”, so I’m just a pilot of a freighter on an Inventory Fleet.


I fly alone for StarMax Systems’ Frigate StarMaxFC0012, replenishing all StarMax beverage and snack dispensaries on any given planet, spaceport, or other service station. It sucks.

I figured that this trip I was taking would suck as well, but much to my surprise, and very contrary to my expectations, this would prove to be one of the most fantastic experiences of my life….


The Legendary Exploits of Leopold, King of Nevareaux! Ep 1: The Thirst for Wisdom

The Greatest King ever to sit upon the throne of Navereaux

The Greatest King ever to sit upon the throne of Navereaux

Many years ago, there lived a great and noble King.  He was wise, strong, fair, and all his subjects were happy to be thus.  He was: KING LEOPOLD, protector of Nevareaux, leader of her armies, greatest King to ever sit upon the throne!

His court was a citadel of good government, equitable and just rulings dispensed with alacrity and aplomb.  Yet, though a King be the supreme mind and the corporality embodied, truly it is the validation of these traits that he seek to enlarge his eminence further: thus we laud our young but fiercely intellectual sovereign who when encountering a conundrum does not simply bash it all into tiny pieces but instead seeks its considered and staid solution: we of course defer to his kingly wisdom when he does bash conundrums into tiny bits, for he above all is knowledgeable of the appropriate times to do so.

However, here, the beginning of our telling of the legendary exploits of this titan of cognition and logic, here is but a sterling example: when first our King realized that his intellect may touch the clouds but not the stars and thus sought to ride to the heavens.